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Garda Lake tours

Garda Lake tours start from Milano Limousine services

Garda Lake

Verona is the town of Romeo and Juliet.
Verona however is history, music, open air theatre, famous wines and more.
A sightseeing tour of Verona can become an unforgettable experience.
Airport transfer from Milano Malpensa, Milano Linate or if you need airport transfer from every airport you ask for.


Early morning pick up and transfer to Verona.
Walking tour around the city.
Visit of Juliet's house, the Roman amphitheatre, the tombs of the Scala family and the various monuments.

Brief history of Verona

The origins of Verona are disputed, it however became Roman in 89 B.C.
Due to its leading position in northern Italy, Verona was often involved in civil Roman wars.
The city was also the residence of emperors on a frequent basis.
In 265 the emperor Gallienus extended the walls to include the Arena.
After the definitive fall of the Western Empire in 476 AD, Verona was one of the strong points of Odoacer, whose government was well entrenched in the city.
With the taking of Verona in 489, the Gothic domination of Italy began.
Medieval Verona saw the increase of the burgher families' wealth which lead to the eclipse of the power of monarchy and aristocracy.
In 1100 Verona was organized as a free commune.
Verona was occupied by Napoleon in 1797 and became Austrian when he signed the Treaty of Campo Formio, it was then regained after the Treaty of Pressburg in 1805 but returned to Austria in 1814, on his defeat.
In 1866, on the anniversary of the defeat of Königgrätz, the Austrians evacuated Verona, which thus became Italian.
In 1882 the city was struck by a large flood.
The face of the ancient city changed: the mills and the ports along the river were substituted by the construction of banks.
During World War II Verona was one of the most bombed cities in the area, due to its strategic position and the presence of ministries of the Republic of Salò.
In April 1945 the fleeing Germans destroyed all the bridges.
Verona was awarded a Gold Medal for Military Value for its support to the partisan war during the conflict.

Lunch in the Valpollicella area

In the afternoon transfer to Sirmione, on the southern shore of Lake Garda, a pretty town near the end of a long promontory.
Visit of Rocca Scaligera and walking tour around the narrow medieval streets and the ruins of a grand Roman Villa Catullo.
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As everybody knows, Verona
is the town of Romeo and Juliet.
Verona however is much more than that: it is history, music,
open air theatre, famous wines
and more. A sightseeing...
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