Frequently Asked Questions about Limousine service in Italy


1. Is your company fully insured, as requested by the Italian Law?

Limousine service Milan Italy is a fully Insured, Licenced and Legal Limousine hire company and all our vehicles under rigorous and periodical safety checks.

2. Is your company Italian?

We are an Italian company based in Milan and we are specialized in Como, Venice, Bologna, lake Como and lake Garda area. We also travel all around Italy, including the most beautiful cities like Florence or the most enchanting regions such as Tuscany.

3. Where do you offer your services?

We cover the most important locations in the northern Italian area (cities, docks, airports, railway stations) and, on request, we can provide to farther transfers. Feel free to contact us to reach any italian destination you wish to visit for your holiday or you need to reach for your business meeting.

4. What kind of services do you offer in Italy?

We offer limousine and chauffeured services such as:

– Transfers
– City tours
– Daily Excursions
– Longer Excursions
– Long distance car touring
– Private limo tours
– Wine tours in limo
– Shopping tours in limo

We do NOT arrange hotels or accommodations.

5. Can itineraries be customized?

We encourage our customers to personalize itineraries in their favorite italian destinations and we are available to give our advice, thanks to our experience in private tours in Italy. Do not hesitate to communicate particular interests and personal tastes that would help us make your trip memorable. Making your wishes come true is our main goal.

6. Would it be possible to agree my itinerary directly with the chauffeur on the same day?

Yes, it would. Experience, with a focus on the client’s individual needs, has rewarded us with a diverse client base. Our professional chauffeurs have such a knowledge of sites that they can create itineraries when asked. The destinations, however, must be feasible with the trip.

7. Is it possible to stop for lunch?

Yes, it is. Let your driver know and give him indications on your tastes and needs, he will surely give you advice on where to stop. Italy is a real paradise for any food lover, you will certainly have more of one occasion to taste the best italian food in any location you will choose to visit, especially if you are going to have, for instance, a wine tour in Tuscany!

8. How about Shopping? 

Just inform your driver about your needs and he will give you plenty of advice. In large cities like Milan or Florence there are many fashion districts and shopping malls: having someone who brings you and your shopping bags in any part of the city all day long will be a great help! Italy is the home of the most sophisticated, classy and modern fashion designers, take the chance to buy any Made in Italy product you wish.

9. What is exactly meant by the word “Transfers”?

Transfer from a place to another according to a reservation (communication of pick up place and time).

10. What do you mean by Daily Excursion?

A Daily Excursion (about 8 hours) is a tour that will allow you to explore the surrounding areas in a day. The chauffeur will pick you up and drop you where required and will be at your disposal for advice or suggestions. A Daily Excursion is the perfect choice if you wish to visit your favorite italian city, but you only have one day available to go sightseeing and relax. If you have more time to spend in our beautiful Country, contact us to plan a tailor-made limo tour of two days or more, you won’t regret it.

11. Do your drivers speak English?

Yes, absolutely. We don’t want you to worry about feeling uncomfortable speaking a language you don’t know, that’s why each professional driver speaks several foreign languages. All you have to do is telling us your mother tongue and we will find the perfect chauffeur who will be with you for the entire journey.

12. Are your drivers also touristic guides?

We employ very knowledgeable and informed drivers. They can explain the basics while travelling in the car and they can give you sensible advice on where to go and what to do. Once outside the car, however, they are not allowed to act as official touristic guides. The Official Touristic Guide in Italy is a professional with a license who can take people inside museums, churches and give specific detailed information. If you hear someone saying he is a “driver-guide”, ask whether he is licensed or if he simply prefers to use this title to look more professional and to charge his services more.

13. Do drivers require a special license?

Yes, they are required two different licenses. All our professional drivers of course are provided with both.

14. Do your vehicles have air conditioning?

Yes, of course. Spring and summer in Italy can be very hot, especially in Florence, Rome and central or southern regions like Umbria or Sicily: we want you to visit our country in the most comfortable way, no matter what the weather will be. If you are going to visit us in winter, instead, you will have a warm and cozy vehicle waiting for you at your arrival.

15. Which is the vehicle that best suits my needs?

When choosing a vehicle there are two things to be kept in consideration:

– The number of people you are travelling with
– The amount of luggage you are bringing

After knowing these two elements, we can suggest you the perfect choice. If you want to take a look at our fleet, visit our dedicated section and choose the vehicle you like the most.

16. If I have a load of luggage, will the vehicle have enough room?

It is always advisable to check the amount of luggage which can fit in the vehicle. Limousine Italy is not responsible for problems of excess of luggage.

17. Will there be other people in the vehicle with us?

We only deal with private transfers, but on request, you may ask the driver to add people you may meet.

18. Is smoking allowed?

Smoking is not allowed on our vehicles, but, if required, your driver will stop to let you have a smoke.

19. Do your vehicles have baby or booster seats?

No, they don’t, but if asked in advance we can easily cope with any kind of need. Because going sightseeing in Italy is even better if you bring your children with you!

20. What happens if I realize I have left something in the car?

Just phone us. We’ll check and make all the necessary agreements to return the object to you.

21. Are your prices per vehicle or per person?

Our prices are per vehicle and not per person.

22. What is included in the price?

Our prices include: pick up and drop off, luxury air-conditioned car with English speaking chauffeur, taxes, tolls and gasoline.
Our prices don’t include: meals, tips, entrance tickets to museums when required or other customers expenses.